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please ignore my bio and stuff on my profile page i am too lazy to remove the kim hyun joong pictures and if i change the layout i dont know how to fix it on this new layout that livejournal done. so if new people that i find that add me please feel free to ignore kim hyun joong lol.
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so Smap disbanding..well no surprise there. should have done that in back than or something instead of being in the group but after that trying to stay together of course there is distrust in members it wasn't going to end well there is 4 to 1 kimura and them. Nothing was going to work well after that. Hiatus is better but if disbanding you no longer want to work together oh well. Stay inside Johnny company but would you have any dramas? shows? solo concerts? if Mary dont like yall put yall to the backburner except kimura.

Cant wait for the dvd for KAT-TUN to get uploaded so i can download it.

Still watching Shounen Club with sexy zone, a.b.c. z and etc wonder when sexy zone will leave shounen club. The last ep with Uchi...he seems very akward always lol

jin having a unit with yamada something. heh...

how the heck did Alexander Reid from Rania become LEADER? if her korean isnt fluent nobody will ask her questions on variety shows more so to the korean members gonna translate for her.

This month seems to be pretty busy for me i had annual check up at health department and same day after i went to do blood donation so i can get 5.00 amazon giftcard and also to know my blood type since i have no idea what type i have. Health department didnt want to give it to me so giving blood was the next thing and it helps people why not. It was simple i gave blood in less than 5 minutes wasnt tired drove home ok than after a few hours got sleepy and it was not even 6pm lol. I had a bunch of errands that day to run but after giving blood i didnt feel like going anywhere with the red stuff on my arm covering my spot where i gave blood so i went home

today went to doctors appt for my mom and than i dont know nothing else. Gonna go shopping this week if it doesnt rain.

Fantastic Duo is still awesome, Heros of Remix chinese show is awesome awesome. Girls Fighting with Seungri is awesome too. The colaboration with mino with jacky xue is way awesome.!~ been watching a bunch of chinese music shows lately and continuing with Lay's The Mystic Nine chinese drama on ep 21.

caught up with the rest of this season's anime

after that i will continue ep 2 of the Doctors kdrama waiting till most of the kdramas are done to watch it. lol.

Vixx new song not sure if i like it but hey will continue to listen to it.

SpeXial taiwanse/chinese group that my mom loves is out with new song and mv she likes it she loves it who knows lol i showed it to her.

GAbby douglas is from my hometown but hometown is where you came from and not where you move to she said her howemtown is in cali. there are bunch of virginians who dislike her. Me i dislike her since her first time in the olympics who cares if she won or not its just her attitude. Our restaurant had her mural on it someone painted it but after a few months someone else painted over it lol. TO deny where you came out of such as where you train place its disrepectful. People here still support her yet some others no longer do.

I still have faves such as Nathan Adrian usa, Marcel Nugyen awesome germany that new chinese guy from china that everyone raves how hot he is sexy not to me. Everyone else can rave about him. japan guys that i follow since last time. Koreans and chinese that i follow from last time. The singaporing Joseph i read that people didnt care about him before olympics but after winning the country is paying attention to him more..yea whatever.
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instagram and facebook new layout new instagram stories..ugh ..anyways next week on the 9th i am going to see doctor for bc pills hopefully they give me it that day dont make me come back cuz my high blood pressure is over 130. lol. I mean its in the morning and i shouldnt even be that high. Than after that i made appt to go donate blood for red cross which is across the street and than after i made an appt to go to Kia to test drive a kia for $25 giftcard. Last one not going go. I going shopping after that though not sure if donating blood would make me woozy.

Um been watching about over 13 animes this season so happy this seasons anime are good.

watching Lay's chinese drama right now and than go watch the chinese variety shows. than continue with K variety fantastic duo, return of superman and havent watching running man for the past few sundays not that good.

nothing else about jpop. been watching jdramas kdramas, chinese dramas waiting till Doctors are done to watch that. Waiting for W to finish too and than Uncontroubly fond. Watching 38 Task force right now. Will probably watch Let's Fight Ghost.
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My brother is 31 yrs old i dont know what he wants to do He told my mom he found a job in hawaii at the airport, but he went for those doctor receptionist paperwork for classes what he doesnt want to work as a receptionist? He took accounting and got associates for that but he also doesnt want to do that as a job lol. He had that job at target for over 10+ yrs but last december he quit cuz he wanted more than 7.50 an hour i mean he just came back to work at target and he wants that much. Now i dont know why but he wants to learn massage. I think he wants to surpass me. Only should have me only not two people in the family to learn and than try to get clients in the family. He is a man who of course will have great hands but my hands are warm when messaging people and i do not know about his hands. My hands can heal his he is cold hearted fool and he doesnt like to talk to people and he has to ask all the important questions. He wont make a good Massage therapist.

The new season of anime's this summer started great. I am soo good on all the animes i seen so far except 1 so that one is not what i am going to watch.

Yixings movie chinese movie Mystic Nine with subs are out so i will watch that later that exo lay's movie!!!

I also had a haircut my hair was below my rib cage and since it summer and i hate that my hair keeps shedding i cut to below my shoulder but somehow my mom trimmed it an now its above my shoulder lol.

Arashi facebook page the news are all sho's dad news all news everydays about sho's dad lol. He isnt running anymore so now let the news of him be over.

really like this song of EXO Chen and Suho for Beautiful Accident OST for the chinese drama or movie. Hmm i dont have that much chen icons so let me go upload them

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so it seems Je is cracking down on facebook fanpages to take down videos or shut it down even on twitter, tumbler whatever. International fans can never as usual johnny. IT all public its why i dont know why they dont do group pages. ITS locked and private than so if they upload videos je wont know

Still watching kdrama Mrs. Cop 2 almost done cuz now i really need to start on Ji Sung's entertainer drama and others kdramas that are done.

I am not sure if i said anything about this year's johnny new year countdown if Kat-tun is on hiatus do any of them appear separately? I want more pikame and junkame, he can be solo?

Oh my I have to wait till August for the Strain third season ugh!!!

I need to go watch exo next door lol and all that jazz cuz i never use to watch exo variety shows much just listen and watch mvs now i will.

Everyone working in china. Ikon blah blah want the eng subs for ep 1.

thinking of cutting my hair short cuz spiders are using my hair as spiderweb up on ceilings when i shed my hair lol.

I only watched up to ep 9 of jun's 99 jdrama cant get up to the end lol mostly dont want to and than seki ohno's drama i completely stopped ]

I could watch exo fan meeting on youtube or v app too lazy to open v app right now so i am torrenting the exo fan meeting download. Than gonna watch exo concert past one.

Just finished watching ep 9 of chinese variety go fighting with Lay. Lay been up and up smarter and smarter lol. While Show Luo is 36 yrs old and getting cray cray stupider lol from smart but of course he is still smart but he cray never seen that side of him lol.
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so my cousin who i dislike is getting married this year summer or next year or whatever an she can google i mean yea she is busy with her school and everything and wedding planning but dont you think she should find wedding gifts for the guests online...? why is my uncle asking my mom to help him out...so she said ok she will go search online and give him ideas on wedding gift guests..or to make invitation cards..your daughter knows soo much english but neeeds this help i mean the other cousin is done with invitations and done for her own wedding but this chick needs help...we are going to some filipino event place where we will have the reception for 200 people...i dont know that is too much lol..and band/dj and everything and than i think they drove somewhere to hire a chef to make chinese food up in NOVA..like for real? You can not find a chinese chef in va beach but went to Richmond to find one no less. There is no church wedding since they are doing a destination wedding in hawaii..with both sides of the parents. my mom help last time with one of our our cousins wedding cuz the bridal party mom and dad which is why aunt is in the party and so ask my mom and dad to help...like no other relatives but my mom and dad but my aunt and uncle never said thanks my mom doesnt want to happen this time where she doesnt get thanks so she said to my uncle that he needs to give red envelopes to people who help you..than he said even the highest uncle is going to help too...what he is in new jersey how is he going to help from there. HE SAID EVERYONE NEEDS TO HELP...you got 2 more daughters to get married off i dont think your last handicap daughter will be married off so just 3 and not the 4th one.