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My journal is Friends Only so please comment here and i will add you if you didnt then i wont know or you know forgot to.

My interests are Je and SM, YG, JYP entertainment and many other fandoms, my fandoms includes KAT-TUN, Arashi, News and many more in JE, also japanese actors and actresses and singers not from Je and in SM is Super Junior, Wonder Girls and many more in Korean entertainment such as Big Bang T.O.P Taiwanese, thai, Miura Haruma, Girls Generation, Japanese Anime, and I love to travel I also like Hong Kong entertainment.  I also love rpg and video games so if you enjoy playing and know of some that are awesome friend me and tell me what game you are playing also so i can play!  I am so usually crazy but not really i get hyper and then usually get pissed!

If you do any of these down below then you wont be added.
1-Must not type LiKe ThIs.
2-must not be blank journals

My Journal will be about real life and fandom

So welcome to my Journal and Follow along enjoy and hope to know more about you
My intro post is below in the next entry.
Hum so hi ! I'm Haruka, I've been in lj since last year but I decided to be active just minutes ago. 8D So, I saw that you were (maybe) a tenipuri fan ? 'W' So yeah, wanna be friends. xD