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So today i went to go buy some Farm Fresh Sushi and took it to the movie theater to eat and watch Up in 2d i have to say and bought some pizza too. Sushi i did eat it and i ate the rest of the pizza since it was only 4 slices. i just hope some movie theaters can be like the ones in Vancouver movie theater where they do have a Mcdonalds and Pizza hut but they only have a dine in/movie theater where you order food and watch it during it. Sometimes you can pay only a 1 on thursday to watch a movie. I think those theaters are cooler.
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you can like, eat sushi and stuff in the movie theaters over there? :o i think we can eat pizza over here, but i'm not sure, cause i haven't been to one in forever -0- but like you can eat mcdonalds there? o_o in a movie theater? o_o
well you can eat pizza in the movie theater inside watching the movie. but sushi is a no. I just put that in my purse and since it is dark in the room nobody can see you eat that. Oh Mcdonalds can be eaten in Vancouver, Canada. Virginia Beach you can put a hamburger in your purse if you dont care if it smells, but there are certain movies theater such as

http://www.cinema-cafe.com/ that you can eat and drink beer in there.
oh that's so cool! eating and drinking beer in a theater :o lolol, oh. so you snuck the sushi in there, lol. i sometimes do that too xD sneak food into the theater xD that's cool that mcdonalds can be eaten in vancouver.