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so my cousin who i dislike is getting married this year summer or next year or whatever an she can google i mean yea she is busy with her school and everything and wedding planning but dont you think she should find wedding gifts for the guests online...? why is my uncle asking my mom to help him out...so she said ok she will go search online and give him ideas on wedding gift guests..or to make invitation cards..your daughter knows soo much english but neeeds this help i mean the other cousin is done with invitations and done for her own wedding but this chick needs help...we are going to some filipino event place where we will have the reception for 200 people...i dont know that is too much lol..and band/dj and everything and than i think they drove somewhere to hire a chef to make chinese food up in NOVA..like for real? You can not find a chinese chef in va beach but went to Richmond to find one no less. There is no church wedding since they are doing a destination wedding in hawaii..with both sides of the parents. my mom help last time with one of our our cousins wedding cuz the bridal party mom and dad which is why aunt is in the party and so ask my mom and dad to help...like no other relatives but my mom and dad but my aunt and uncle never said thanks my mom doesnt want to happen this time where she doesnt get thanks so she said to my uncle that he needs to give red envelopes to people who help you..than he said even the highest uncle is going to help too...what he is in new jersey how is he going to help from there. HE SAID EVERYONE NEEDS TO HELP...you got 2 more daughters to get married off i dont think your last handicap daughter will be married off so just 3 and not the 4th one.