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so it seems Je is cracking down on facebook fanpages to take down videos or shut it down even on twitter, tumbler whatever. International fans can never as usual johnny. IT all public its why i dont know why they dont do group pages. ITS locked and private than so if they upload videos je wont know

Still watching kdrama Mrs. Cop 2 almost done cuz now i really need to start on Ji Sung's entertainer drama and others kdramas that are done.

I am not sure if i said anything about this year's johnny new year countdown if Kat-tun is on hiatus do any of them appear separately? I want more pikame and junkame, he can be solo?

Oh my I have to wait till August for the Strain third season ugh!!!

I need to go watch exo next door lol and all that jazz cuz i never use to watch exo variety shows much just listen and watch mvs now i will.

Everyone working in china. Ikon blah blah want the eng subs for ep 1.

thinking of cutting my hair short cuz spiders are using my hair as spiderweb up on ceilings when i shed my hair lol.

I only watched up to ep 9 of jun's 99 jdrama cant get up to the end lol mostly dont want to and than seki ohno's drama i completely stopped ]

I could watch exo fan meeting on youtube or v app too lazy to open v app right now so i am torrenting the exo fan meeting download. Than gonna watch exo concert past one.

Just finished watching ep 9 of chinese variety go fighting with Lay. Lay been up and up smarter and smarter lol. While Show Luo is 36 yrs old and getting cray cray stupider lol from smart but of course he is still smart but he cray never seen that side of him lol.