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My brother is 31 yrs old i dont know what he wants to do He told my mom he found a job in hawaii at the airport, but he went for those doctor receptionist paperwork for classes what he doesnt want to work as a receptionist? He took accounting and got associates for that but he also doesnt want to do that as a job lol. He had that job at target for over 10+ yrs but last december he quit cuz he wanted more than 7.50 an hour i mean he just came back to work at target and he wants that much. Now i dont know why but he wants to learn massage. I think he wants to surpass me. Only should have me only not two people in the family to learn and than try to get clients in the family. He is a man who of course will have great hands but my hands are warm when messaging people and i do not know about his hands. My hands can heal his he is cold hearted fool and he doesnt like to talk to people and he has to ask all the important questions. He wont make a good Massage therapist.

The new season of anime's this summer started great. I am soo good on all the animes i seen so far except 1 so that one is not what i am going to watch.

Yixings movie chinese movie Mystic Nine with subs are out so i will watch that later that exo lay's movie!!!

I also had a haircut my hair was below my rib cage and since it summer and i hate that my hair keeps shedding i cut to below my shoulder but somehow my mom trimmed it an now its above my shoulder lol.

Arashi facebook page the news are all sho's dad news all news everydays about sho's dad lol. He isnt running anymore so now let the news of him be over.

really like this song of EXO Chen and Suho for Beautiful Accident OST for the chinese drama or movie. Hmm i dont have that much chen icons so let me go upload them

The news on Sho's dad has died down here already. I haven't heard anything for two weeks now.