Jen (jeniski) wrote,

instagram and facebook new layout new instagram stories..ugh ..anyways next week on the 9th i am going to see doctor for bc pills hopefully they give me it that day dont make me come back cuz my high blood pressure is over 130. lol. I mean its in the morning and i shouldnt even be that high. Than after that i made appt to go donate blood for red cross which is across the street and than after i made an appt to go to Kia to test drive a kia for $25 giftcard. Last one not going go. I going shopping after that though not sure if donating blood would make me woozy.

Um been watching about over 13 animes this season so happy this seasons anime are good.

watching Lay's chinese drama right now and than go watch the chinese variety shows. than continue with K variety fantastic duo, return of superman and havent watching running man for the past few sundays not that good.

nothing else about jpop. been watching jdramas kdramas, chinese dramas waiting till Doctors are done to watch that. Waiting for W to finish too and than Uncontroubly fond. Watching 38 Task force right now. Will probably watch Let's Fight Ghost.
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