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so Smap disbanding..well no surprise there. should have done that in back than or something instead of being in the group but after that trying to stay together of course there is distrust in members it wasn't going to end well there is 4 to 1 kimura and them. Nothing was going to work well after that. Hiatus is better but if disbanding you no longer want to work together oh well. Stay inside Johnny company but would you have any dramas? shows? solo concerts? if Mary dont like yall put yall to the backburner except kimura.

Cant wait for the dvd for KAT-TUN to get uploaded so i can download it.

Still watching Shounen Club with sexy zone, a.b.c. z and etc wonder when sexy zone will leave shounen club. The last ep with Uchi...he seems very akward always lol

jin having a unit with yamada something. heh...

how the heck did Alexander Reid from Rania become LEADER? if her korean isnt fluent nobody will ask her questions on variety shows more so to the korean members gonna translate for her.

This month seems to be pretty busy for me i had annual check up at health department and same day after i went to do blood donation so i can get 5.00 amazon giftcard and also to know my blood type since i have no idea what type i have. Health department didnt want to give it to me so giving blood was the next thing and it helps people why not. It was simple i gave blood in less than 5 minutes wasnt tired drove home ok than after a few hours got sleepy and it was not even 6pm lol. I had a bunch of errands that day to run but after giving blood i didnt feel like going anywhere with the red stuff on my arm covering my spot where i gave blood so i went home

today went to doctors appt for my mom and than i dont know nothing else. Gonna go shopping this week if it doesnt rain.

Fantastic Duo is still awesome, Heros of Remix chinese show is awesome awesome. Girls Fighting with Seungri is awesome too. The colaboration with mino with jacky xue is way awesome.!~ been watching a bunch of chinese music shows lately and continuing with Lay's The Mystic Nine chinese drama on ep 21.

caught up with the rest of this season's anime

after that i will continue ep 2 of the Doctors kdrama waiting till most of the kdramas are done to watch it. lol.

Vixx new song not sure if i like it but hey will continue to listen to it.

SpeXial taiwanse/chinese group that my mom loves is out with new song and mv she likes it she loves it who knows lol i showed it to her.

GAbby douglas is from my hometown but hometown is where you came from and not where you move to she said her howemtown is in cali. there are bunch of virginians who dislike her. Me i dislike her since her first time in the olympics who cares if she won or not its just her attitude. Our restaurant had her mural on it someone painted it but after a few months someone else painted over it lol. TO deny where you came out of such as where you train place its disrepectful. People here still support her yet some others no longer do.

I still have faves such as Nathan Adrian usa, Marcel Nugyen awesome germany that new chinese guy from china that everyone raves how hot he is sexy not to me. Everyone else can rave about him. japan guys that i follow since last time. Koreans and chinese that i follow from last time. The singaporing Joseph i read that people didnt care about him before olympics but after winning the country is paying attention to him more..yea whatever.
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