EXO lay


Gone to Alaska be Back on September 11th until then please do not defriend me until i get back or anything.  Have a good Labor Day weekend everyone!  See ya when i get back.


Before you go, ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~ Sorry if I have no banner for you, I just got home and I'm still tired. really sorry, and take care :)
oh thanks! i have like 2 more hours before i go but just wanted to do one really early so i wont forget. It's fine that you're tired.
Was that supposed to be September 11... or you're really leaving for an entire year? o.O

Anyway, I already said this but I'll just repeat. Happy Birthday~! ^_^
Wah i didnt know you will be on today lol. Thank you see you when i get back!
Happy birthday!!! ^^/ I hope you enjoy your birthday on your trip!!! XD Have a nice day!!
Well, in my state it is.

I hope u havea a good time.
I know I already told u this.
But it's ok! :]]
Missing you, hope you are still having fun and had a great bday ~ ♥
Re: Bartender episode 1 links
sorry for the trouble lol i already finished watching it with subs just now so i didnt need the links i wanted it yesterday but ill delete it!