EXO lay

Kame Claims

I dream of my
first kiss, and then,
I feel upon my lips again,
The taste of [Kamenashi Kazuya]... tasting much sweeter than wine.

Kamenashi Kazuya
If I were your puppy, I would only care about your feelings perfectly & cuddle close to you.

I own
Kamenashi Kazuya

and his



Kamenashi Kazuya + Nishikido Ryo + Hitorikiri = My OT3

[Kamenashi Kazuya] will always be my baby.
"you'll always be a part of me
i'm a part of you indefinitely
boy don't you know you can't escape me
ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby~"

Kamenashi Kazuya, silence me with your lips.

Kamenashi Kazuya D A Z Z L E S me

[Kamenashi Kazuya asked from me last night:
" Darling, can I do to you some magic tricks?"
I answered "yes" and now I can tell that the last night was the best night of my life.

Kamenashi Kazuya
stole my heart and refuses to give it back.
I said that I can live without it as long as I can have his.

{Kamenashi Kazuya} and I will be making our own fireworks
this 4th of July ... and we won't even have to leave the bedroom

I own Kamenashi Kazuya ,
he just doesn’t know it yet.

[Kamenashi Kazuya] said to me:
“When I first saw you, I saw love.
And the first time you touched me, I felt love.
And after all this time, you're still the one I love.”

→Kamenashi Kazuya← told me,
"There's no one else that matters. You love me and I won't let you fall girl."


∫Kamenashi Kazuya∫ told me that he would double my pleasure, & double my fun.

Kamenashi Kazuya HERE whispered, "Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you. I'll take you there."

It's ›› Kamenashi Kazuya ‹‹ & I, Moving at the speed of light.
Tonight is the night for him to join me in ecstasy.

♥{Kamenashi Kazuya }♥
, somewhere there's my precious only one
You're not all alone anymore hitori ja nai

» Kamenashi Kazuya is myHOT HOT SEX!

» Kanama Kuran is myHOT HOT SEX!

I knew Kamenashi Kazuya was something special
When he spoke my name
Now I can't wait
To see Kamenashi Kazuya again

⌊Kamenashi Kazuya⌋
Baby, I want to explode , I'm your LOVE ADDICT

Just free your mind ⌈Kamenashi Kazuya⌋, become my love addict

I'm already a love addict
Come light my fire °♥Kamenashi Kazuya♥°

°•Kamenashi Kazuya•° is addicted to my love

I'm addicted to »»Kamenashi Kazuya«« love

when Kamenashi Kazuya kisses me i swear i can fly

under the shared umbrella Kamenashi Kazuya confessed his feelings with a kiss.

[Kamenashi Kazuya]
I can’t say no to you.
And I’ve completely lost myself,
and I don’t mind.
I can’t say no to ♥ you ♥

One winter day,
Kamenashi Kazuya told me
that no matter where I am
he'll send his love to me
with white snow</ span>.

There was a time. I packed my dreams away.
Living in a shell. Hiding from myself.
Then {Kamenashi Kazuya} came. And gave me the strength to

{Hitorikiri} "Nibble" list for {Kamenashi Kazuya}
Other "unmentionables"

[Kamenashi Kazuya]
You mean everything to me.

I'm nothing without you, my babe~

i want to stay in my F A N T A S Y land for E T E R N I T Y with [Kamenashi Kazuya]

I see Kamenashi Kazuya, I squee...and glomp my computer screen. XD

+Kamenashi Kazuya+
every time i gaze upon you, it's love
without a shadow of doubt
In your smile, in my smile
let's search for that dream meant only for us

my keyboard smashing love is 》Kamenashi Kazuya《


only LOVE from [Kamenashi Kazuya] can cure my sickness

because i am having love sickness XD

Everytime I close my eyes
and wander off to the land of dreams
- Kamenashi Kazuya -
is the one I see

Kamenashi Kazuya's body is a

Kamenashi Kazuya always sends me these emoticons.

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Next thing that I remembered was *Kamenashi Kazuya* pouncing on me and smothering me with kisses
after five mins of that he then asks me ... "so are you warm now? or do i have to continue?"
I start to fake shiver and he starts kissing me again

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one day walking with {Kamenashi Kazuya} in the park,
he grabs me and holds me tight and says:
"{hitorikiri} you are all mine ... and i'm not sharing"

[Kamenashi Kazuya] is a b a d boy for sure;
He sneaked into my room last night to 'hang out' with me
and only god knows what he meant by that..

C L A I M H E R E ;
I'll give you all I've got to give
If you say you love me too,

~ Hitorikiri~

I believe in [Akame]

[Akanishi Jin&Kamenashi Kazuya]
Without the other, they can't be complete

Kamenashi Kazuya & Hitorikiri
Our love shines so bright,
Like the stars on the sky

Even the end of the world is nothing..
If I can meet it with Kamenashi Kazuya

Kamenashi Kazuya」whispers
Happy New Year
to my ear so gently,
that my legs get trembling.

I want a [Kamenashi Kazuya] flavored ice cream
...with sprinkles and a cherry on top.

i spent my first few hours of the new year
wrapped up naked in Kamenashi Kazuya's arms

{Kamenashi Kazuya} told me that I'm his NEKO in the bed ;)

l o v e
1.) is any of a number of emotions and experiences
related to a sense of strong affection and attachment.
2.) Kamenashi Kazuya

Kamenashi Kazuya IS MY Sexy HOST

{{kamenashi kazuya}}
There's Just Me & You

Takishima Kei's body is a
"{Kamenashi Kazuya} told me that I'm his NEKO in the bed ;)"

xDD I love it!!!! ;D